Forgetting curve and spacing effect

Memoet is a free and open source spaced repetition software, and the problems which we are trying to solve have a historical connection to the forgetting curve and the spacing effect which was discovered by Hermann Ebbinghaus - a German psychologist in 19th century.

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Memoet tech stack

Start making a website in 2021 put you in a too-many-choices situation, both for server side and client side. We didn’t even mention deployment methods, CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and alert systems,… However, the answer is quite more simple than we thought: choose whatever we are comfortable with.

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Hello world, this is Memoet

Memoet is a web app that dedicate to help people finding fun again while learning to memorize things. Memo comes from “memory” and et is a suffix to make the name sound more human ;)

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