Hello world, this is Memoet

Memoet is a web app that dedicate to help people finding fun again while learning to memorize things. Memo comes from “memory” and et is a suffix to make the name sound more human ;)

In the beginning, we have combined a quiz system (type answer & multiple choice question for now) with a spaced repetition algorithm (SuperMemo2) and built them right into notes.

The app is already up and running at memoet.manhtai.com, give it a try when you had the time.

That was the first step of a long journey. Along the way, we want to share things we are learning and building to make Memoet better. It will cover all things from technical stuffs to product development.

We dedicate ourselves to make learning easier, we hope that Memoet would become the first successful solution.

Stay tuned!